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Proactively committed to a responsible business

Being part of the Rothgen Family means a commitment towards running a responsible and ethical business. This involves conducting our work with integrity and to the highest standards, ensuring that we are considerate of the impact on those with whom we work.

Our group’s top-down philosophy ensures we adopt a measured and thoughtful approach towards today’s key themes for acting in a responsible way.

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Taking in an interest in our workforce is vital to our Group’s future. As a result, taking an active interest in training and career development is a necessary investment.

We believe in equipping staff with the correct skills and guidance for not just present today, but for the future.

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‎As a more administrative and tertiary component within the Rothgen Group, we seek to strongly work in accordance with environmentally friendly principles. With all our commercial activities and operations, we strive to reduce the environmental impacts involved.

We adopt taking a forward-thinking view on real estate and wider market requirements, whilst being conscious of the environmental and green credentials of projects we attribute our services to.

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‎Running a sustainable business and organisation is a key objective for the Rothgen Family. We fulfil this goal through our focus on developing a responsible business and working with viable projects.

Having an awareness of how the market is evolving along with changing expectations is even more significant in today’s world – to which is why we insist upon green, socially responsible and sustainable criteria forming part of any projects that we market.

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