Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort


The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort will be the first of its type in the UK. Offering accommodation of 325 luxurious, avant-garde wooden Eco Lodges set on approximately 65 acres of lakes adjacent to approximately 100 acres of natural woodlands, the resort will provide a unique and tranquil escape in a beautiful natural habitat. Of the 325 Eco Lodges, 125 will be luxurious designer-styled lakeside floating and timber lodges and 200 will be woodland retreat lodges.

The Tyram Lakes objective is about envisaging the future through adapting a haven of natural surroundings, added luxury and sophistication with an innovative, avant-garde, eco-friendly and sustainable concept. The concept is about being unique, modern, yet sophisticated but not out of reach.

The Tyram Lakes 8% Bond – Currently raising funds for the development phases 1 & 2:

Development phases 1 & 2 fundraising.
• Product - The Tyram Lakes 8% Bond
• 3 years fixed term Fixed coupon return of 8% per annum (gross) in quarterly payments
• Starting applications at £5,000

Rothgen Capital Ltd is the sole exclusive marketing agent for the Tyram Lakes 8% Bond and approaches by other companies should not be entertained. Please inform us if you are approached by any third party that is purporting to promote the Bond.

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